PIET consists of a central library and also has several departmental libraries. Centralized on user services, the library offers a perfect ambiance ideal for learning. This system enables the library & connects the users with Digital, Virtual Reference & Referral Services, Digital Resources, Internet communications, Repository Services.

Library resources are sources of information. Traditionally, these resources were mostly books, journals, newspapers and other editorials, and encyclopedias. But with the advent of the internet, digital sources of information have become prevalent. These digital sources of information include, but not limited to, online libraries and journals, online encyclopedias like the Databases, Electronic Books, Electronic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, Journals, and eJournals, Official Publications, Referencing Resources, Wikipedia, blogs. The PIET Central Library is capable of providing superior facilities with a rich resource.

PIET Library system offers the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) facility to its users. ILL request can be registered online for books and articles which are not available with the PIET Central Library. The service of ILL is being subscribed through Developing Library Network (DELNET), New Delhi. The request for books and articles can be submitted through e-mail ([email protected]) mentioning details of the document i.e. Author/Title/Publisher/Year/Edition etc.

Library Offers:

  • More than 50,000 text & reference books.
  • More than 3316 CDs & DVDs.
  • Library subscribes to 157 National & International print journals, 27 magazines, and IESTC & IMC Collection of e-journals Packages of CENGAGE learning and IEEE.
  • Multimedia & internet access to view documentaries & learning aids.
  • Book Bank facility for the students.
  • Xerox and Scanning Services to the Library Users.
  • It is members of DELNET (Developing library network), World Library, and National Digital Library to share its resources and to access the various database.
  • The library is open till late in the evening during the Exam, for the benefits of the students.