An institutional repository is the heritage of any educational institution and also a better library service. Under the repository service, an educational institution stores the useful documents and other valuable textual material related to research work done in its institute. So that future students can get academic support from it. An institutional repository allows students, teachers, researchers, and academic staff to keep their digital documents with ease. In this way, the archived material becomes available to those who want to read it. The repository service is traditionally done as well as digitally and services are provided online. The Central Library of Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology is currently in the primary stage of the institutional repository.

Currently, the PIET Central Library is stocking ebooks, e-project reports, PIET news clipping, university previous year exam papers, and syllabus of all courses under the repository. Currently, the PIET Central Library provides university previous year papers on all subjects from the year 2016 to 2020 under the E-repository Service. Besides, it also provides old and new syllabus of all technical courses. Along with this, the PIET Center Library also provides the PIET news clipping service to its users, in which all news related to the PIET College from 2016 to 2020 is made available.